For the designer

A win-win mission

For the designer

You know the dilemma! You dream about having your amazing design rolled out worldwide. Feedback suggests that this is possible – if not probably – with the right execution and if you can have it made at the right price/quality. But when that first big order, which you have hoped for, finally arrives in your inbox, how are you going to scale up? Where do you find the right manufacturer? And if you do, how do you assure the quality? 

This is where we come in! If you have created an intiguing design, we would love to source the right factory and make your design genuinely production ready – so that you can promote it with confidence to the buyers who can and do buy in the volume you hope for.

And not only that! For the efforts we put in for FREE to make your product ready to scale, we would love to promote you, your story and of course your designs here on this website – and perform active, targeted selling B2B worldwide and promote your designs at Asian trade shows. This is also FREE!

And not only that! If you wish to focus your time on your skills and passion for design and development we will even do all the management of the order processing.

In short we make our efforts worthwhile, only when your designs sell in volume. So with your design skills and the hard work you have already put in to get there, and our focus on the manufacturing, the selling, the QC and the order processing, together we could be on a winning team. First step is to call us on +44 (0)1432 851 824