For the retailer or wholesaler sourcing from Vietnam

Which of the 10 points below have room for improvement?

* Developing new products on a deadline
* Getting swift response and correct action from suppliers.
* Finding competitive ‘off the shelf’ designs.
* Managing existing factories/suppliers
* Quality issues in current products
* Finding or knowing the right production partners
* Optimizing designs for aesthetics, function, quality and/or cost saving.
* Having perfect samples ready when you visit to inspect.
* Monitoring and verifying – in real time – progress of production.
* Managing your Vietnamese team on the ground for them to reach their full potential.

Do you agree it would be all of them to some extend…? Certainly, in my work with furniture manufacturers here in Vietnam, I frequently witness all of these points clearly not being optimized – and estimating the resulting unharnessed profits for the buyers (and the manufacturers for that matter)  – is a tearful exercise.

Each of these points, when addressed, has potential to add significant sums to your net profit.

And in Vietnam, ALL of them can be addressed with immediate positive effect, with competent, ongoing and on demand face-to-face interaction and dialogue with the CEOs of the suppliers, in Vietnamese, on their turf.

Having imported furniture from Vietnam to the UK for more than 10 years, I understand perfectly why points like these are rarely addressed as much as we would like. Perhaps we can change that together.

I’m ready when you are, to address all or any of these points for you and give you a pleasant surprise. I answer on all of the numbers below and asking is free!

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