For the manufacturer

A win-win mission

For the manufacturer

If you are a furniture factory in search for new customers, you can benefit greatly by having your products offered on our website and promoted by us – and best of all: It’s free and always will be. Undoubtedly, you are under constant pressure from existing and potential customers to develop products – quickly – to remain competitive, contemporary and to feed your order book. And it is impossible to avoid that some of these products fail – what then? Do you just accept that development costs are lost? How much do lost development resources cost you every year? It comes straight off your bottom line.

From working with dozens of Indonesian and Vietnamese factories for decades, on big and small projects, we know the frustration and disappointment when new products, which have cost a lot of resources to develop, do not come off the ground. There can be many reasons why a project fails – but we believe that in most cases it is not due to the design being wrong. It is more likely to be caused by the customer not ordering it… maybe they couldn’t accept the price, maybe change of management in the buying company changed their priority, maybe the buyer didn’t have enough cash to launch or maybe they were just not prepared to take the risk of bringing the new product to market. So most – if not all – furniture factories will have samples of products which were never mass produced, each of them having been costly to develop, each of them with full technical documentation, and therefore each of them representing a market opportunity. 

Let us blow life into your projects.

Let us help you find customers for the products you are best equipped to manufacture.

Are you ever asked to quote for Furniture Designs which don’t fall within your key strengths and  capabilities, and therefore these projects become a distraction? Would it not be better to find customers who want to buy designs which are perfect for your factory?

We can help you find customers for the products you WANT to make, rather than you spending resources on designs which do NOT suit your factory. That way, we can assist you AND your customer in achieving a stronger market position.

The first step in achieving this is to list the designs you wish to offer on our website. For this you will need to provide good images including detail shots, ideally 5 of each product. When your designs are approved to be listed on our website, we will make an active effort to promote them to potential buyers worldwide.