New website launched

Happy Birthday to a new type of Business to Business website aimed at people in the trade. 

For you, whose job it is to find new designs for your retail or wholesale operation, this is not JUST a place to get inspiration for your next ambitious and challenging development project. There are plenty of websites for that!

You can get instant quotes  for designs you find here – or even order them immediately. These designs are commercial, fully documented, potential best sellers, come with full QC (on us), and with a full package of imagery for your website and marketing – yet, they are unique, haven’t flooded the market yet (that’s your job), and thus, not burdoned with lots of competition. So you can sell them with margins which are ‘intact’. Therefor, you should check back regularly to find new designs to suit both your company image and revenue AND your bottomline.

Whether you are a Furniture Designer, a Furntiure Factory, a furniture wholesaler or a Furniture Retailer, We look forward to working with you.