After nearly 9 months the Ikonic Balcony Bar is soon ready to see the light of day.

How do you use your balcony? Drying your Laundry? Creating a flower display – or do you sometimes sit, trying to enjoy the view, with a soul mate, on less comfortable folding chairs, at a table which is way too small because of the sparse space. And is your view blocked by the railing while you enjoy your coffee or cocktail inside a balcony ‘box’ feeling slightly claustrofobic?

Well, here is the solution – a new innovative development, which doesn’t only look great. – It can also suddenly transform your balcony to something really useful. This balcony bar can be positioned at exactly the right hight to be coordinated with your bar stools – low or high, or folding chairs, – or dining chairs.

When you want to hang your laundry out you simply fold the balcony bar down.

The Ikonic SEVEN (that’s the name) designer bar stools by Amtorp Design, are stackable adding yet another useful feature to this Balcony Bar set.

If you are a retailer of outdoor furniture or balcony furniture, this is a must-have product to offer. Enquire at

If you are a person who must own an Ikonic Balcony Bar and a set of matching stools, enquire at your favourite retailer, and if they don’t already, encourage them to stock it!